Strength in the team

Our work requires highest precision and team spirit to ensure quality. As a gear wheel has to grab in another, our team has to work hand in hand.

Everyone in our team fulfills its task, whether as project manager or intern. Everyone has its own area of responsibility and exchanges experience that finally contributes to our success.

The strengths of each individual as well as the willingness to earn from each other make our team unique. Not only is an employee’s responsibility to the company enormously important for a good cooperation, but also the social responsibility of the company to the employees.

The social interaction with each other orients towards our values and principles:

  • Commitment and engagement
  • Respect
  • Mutual support

A positive working environment is of great importance and joint activities that also include the family of the employees are regular part of our corporate culture. Because only those who have fun at work and get enthusiastic about the work can perform exceptional achievements and gladly stay with us.


Start at CuroCon

They best way to get know the company is the starting as an intern, especially most appropriate for students. You are welcome to complete your practical semester at our house. Thus, you have the opportunity to gain an insight into our work, to deepen your knowledge as well as to apply your skills. Your will be integrated into the project team and served by a project manager. The tasks suit to your state of knowledge, your interests as well as a possible topic for your diploma-, bachelor- or master thesis. Once you will have successfully completed your internship in our company, we would be glad to support you with your final paper. Together we will formulate different topics and select the best one for you. Your final paper is another step to work independently in our house whereby our team will be pleased to answer your questions. If you will have successfully completed your study – then nothing will prevent you from entering CuroCon as a contract employee.


What is important

To guarantee the high standard of our work at any time we are looking for students with good marks (whether university or university of applied sciences) from the areas electrical engineering (MCR), automation, regulation and control technology as well as technical informatics. An analytical mind, quick thinking and commitment complete your profile. As a fully educated engineer or electrical engineer of course you have the opportunity to become part of our team. Especially capacity for teamwork, creativity and flexibility are important and matter beside a good education.

If you are interested in one of our positions, please send us your complete application documents (letter of application, CV, photo, certificates) per post or email to:

CuroCon GmbH
Gernsheimer Str. 3
64673 Zwingenberg

Fon: +49 (6251) 704708-0



Current vacancies:

Projekt-/Serviceingenieure und/oder Techniker