The company

In 2001, after their successfully completed studies as well as many years of common experience in the industry, CuroCon GmbH was established by both managing partners Bernhard Müller and Michael Wißbach in Bensheim, Germany.

The company is specialized in engineering services in the area of test- and process technology, electrical-, automation- as well as drives engineering for industrial applications and demands. Furthermore, the company does research in the area of electro mobility for several years.

A particular feature of the company is the offering in comprehensive advice and support in the areas of high-tech-automation for industrial installations and applications. As an unique selling proposition in the market, CuroCon offers “everything from a single source” and creates significant market advantages in the served areas and niches.
The company develops and realizes system solutions in the departments of measurement-, control- and regulation technology as well as visualizations and simulations within the plant engineering and test bench construction. One main focus of the operations is the advice, planning, conception as well as the entirely project management. Further, the commissioning and services or the modifications and modernizations are part of the service portfolio.

The knowledge that has been gained over the years as well as the hard- and software applications that have been developed in connection resulted in its first own product called CuroControl®. This universal automation system addresses the cross-industry engineering and plant engineering. Meanwhile, this serves as a multifarious base for development and structure for further own universal products. This includes a regulation box for high-dynamic applications in test benches and installations, a control unit for electric vehicles and electro mobility, a measurement data acquisition for stationary and mobile applications or an energy management system for combined stationary and mobile areas as well as further diversifications in this product group.

Furthermore, additional products and projects will follow in the field of vehicle technology, facility and energy management and electro mobility. CuroCon GmbH has been accompanying the development of the electro mobility in networks and working groups for several years and forces the expansion of products in this field. As a specialist for control and drive systems as well as automation coupled with experience and innovation from the automotive industry, CuroCon covers here a wide range in combination with its longtime expertise and far-reaching perspective. The first development and research projects that are planned in these areas relate to thermoelectric battery cases, energy-wall storage as well as electrification of truck trailers and vehicle trailers.
An important basis for the success of CuroCon GmbH has always been the qualification, know-how, commitment and team spirit as well as the visionary force and innovation of the executive board.

CuroCon GmbH pursues the ambitious goal of a leading role in regard to universally applicable automation-, control- and regulation systems for the industrial, stationary and mobile scope and range of applications as well as the constructional private and commercial scope in Germany, Europe as well as worldwide. The own automation system CuroControl® provides the company the necessary and diverse basis for further possible unique selling propositions in the market through innovative and price-conscious All-in-One solutions. That flexibly and economically modifiable solution can be introduced and positioned in different products in the market.

Bernhard Müller

Managing Director

His career began with a study of general electric engineering at TU Darmstadt and has been characterized by the electrical engineering and automation since then. With the degree as chartered engineer he first started his career at Simatic Solution Provider in Darmstadt as an engineer on a freelance basis, afterwards as a permanent application engineer. He very quickly developed from a commission engineer to a project engineer up to a development engineer what enabled him to gain extensive experience and knowledge in the project work, research as well as development work.

Subsequent, he was able not only to strengthen his professional competences in the electrical engineering, but also to successfully demonstrate his skills in the project management and leadership as well as to develop his organizational and administrative skills. During the entire time, the research and development of new technical concepts, whether software, hardware or in the area of electrical engineering /-mobility, have been a constant companion and motivation of his professional career.

As founder of CuroCon GmbH he could incorporate all his experience and visionary power of the last 20 years with regard to strategic thinking, innovative concepts and ideas as well as his leadership qualities and entrepreneurial skills.

Michael Wißbach

Managing Director

The electro mobility has been accompanying him since the beginning of his study of electrical engineering with a focus on control technology at TU Darmstadt as well as by diverse research works and seminar papers. His subsequent occupation and participation in an engineering office in Darmstadt earned him versatile professional experience in the areas of measurement-, control- und regulation technology. Over the years, he developed in constantly upward positions which lead to professional competence, especially in the project management and organizational and administrative areas.

During the entire time, the electro mobility has played a significant role for him. Over the years, many seminar papers and project works in the area of electro mobility have been instigated, accompanied and served by him. Furthermore, his path to entrepreneurship was encouraged by first experiences and the activity as an authorized officer and company member.

Meanwhile, his whole experience of the last 20 years flows into the company CuroCon GmbH and its products consisting of visionary thinking, research and development, electrical engineering and drive technology, mechanical- and plant engineering, production and manufacture as well as the willpower to entrepreneurship.