Continuation of the RDE-measurement runs with hybrid vehicles using CuroControl Mx

Mobile measurement data acquisition CuroControl Mx for RDE-test drives with hybrid vehicles
Current certification – ISO 9001:2015 – successfully passed

Continuation of the RDE-measurement runs with hybrid vehicles using CuroControl Mx

RDE-Messfahrten mit dem BMW 225xe

After the first real measurement runs regarding to the exhaust gas –/ and consumption measurement with full-hybrid vehicles in 2016, ElringKlinger Motortechnik GmbH meanwhile completed further test drives.

RDE-measurement run with the BMW 225xe




This time CuroCon provided a BMW 225xe from its fleet. As in the first measurements ElringKlinger Motortechnik equipped the current test vehicle with a mobile emission measuring instrument (PEMS) as well as further sensors. For the purpose of comparability the proven system CuroControl®Mx was used again for the central collecting of all measurement data in real time on the same RDE-measurement section.



After the completion of the test runs the measurement results were prepared and subsequently contrasted in the individual driving modes. As expected the slightest consumption on track is achieved in the AUTO Eco mode and MAX eDrive. By contrast, the pure fuel consumption in the charging mode SAVE Battery is more than twice as high as the both modes already mentioned. In consideration of the used power (-> convertes in equivalent fuel) the consumption is still approximately 1/3 higher. Also the CO- and NOx-emission in the SAVE-mode are comparatively high. For drives in the city the modes AUTO Eco and MAX eDrive are definitely preferable while a fully charged battery is required.

The measurement runs with the BMW 225xe confirmed that with an appropriate operating strategy – displayed in the drive modes – a significant savings potential exists in regard to the consumption and pollutant emission. Further potential provides the optimization of drive components. Test drives with further full-hybrid vehicles are already planned.

The full user report for download: Anwenderbericht EKM Messfahrten BMW225xe