Current certification – ISO 9001:2015 – successfully passed

Continuation of the RDE-measurement runs with hybrid vehicles using CuroControl Mx
CuroControl Mx in action for further RDE-measuring runs with plug-in-hybrid vehicles

Current certification – ISO 9001:2015 – successfully passed

In August 2017 the CuroCon team took the current certification ISO 9001:2015 and successfully passed that certification.


Our quality policy

The objectives and values of our company serve to keep the quality of our products and services as well as the associated customer and employee satisfaction on high standards and to improve these main aspects as required.


What is ISO 9001?

The DIN EN ISO 9001 (International Organization for Standardization) represents the quality management and is globally understood and accepted as a certification for QM-systems.

A certification according to ISO 9001 provides the basis for a continuous improvement process of the in-house quality objectives and is useful for all companies and organizations in all sizes and all industries.


Why ISO 9001 certifying?

Due to the certification the competitiveness can be increased because of the ensured standardized minimum requirements of the organizational structure. Regulated procedures serve as protection and development of the quality requirements that leads to transparent processes and high customer satisfaction.