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Fig.: Setting a new standard for barrier-free and secure payment at charging stations. From left to right: Elmar Band (DAFÜR GmbH), Michael Wißbach (CuroCon GmbH) and Dr. Hendrik Schaede-Bodenschatz (Adaptive Balancing Power GmbH), © Adaptive Balancing Power, 2023.

DAFÜR GmbH, CuroCon GmbH and Adaptive Balancing Power GmbH have announced their cooperation. The aim of the companies is to introduce flexible and secure payment and billing solutions for spontaneous ad-hoc charging. By July 2023 at the latest, all new charging points must have readers for common debit or credit cards installed. Demand for corresponding offers is high.

"With our technology, we are setting a new standard in terms of safety, controllability and user-friendliness for all parties involved, from the charging pole manufacturer to the charging service provider to the end customer," explains Elmar Band, CEO of DAFÜR GmbH.

As part of the cooperation, DAFÜR GmbH equips Adaptive Balancing and CuroCon with its own developed and currently most advanced Charge Billing & Payment System (CBPS) on the market, thus closing the gap between the Charge Station Management System (CSMS) and the backend of the Charge Point Operator (CPO).

After a pilot phase, the technology will be made available to other charging station manufacturers and operators.

Debit cards, credit cards, wallets, PayBack and more: Germany premiere for barrier-free payment

In addition to barrier-free payment in the open loop with debit cards, credit cards and various wallets, the integrated POS system also handles payment functionalities in the closed loop as well as a variety of other value-added services. These include fleet cards, plug & charge (ISO 15118), operator-owned charging cards, vouchers, and support for customer loyalty systems such as PayBack. Provision of resources for vendor and third-party applications, notification via SMS, determination of blocking fees, invoicing and its transfer to the CPO backend are also part of the functional scope of the CBPS.

"E-mobility has to become widespread and part of everyday life. This includes the end customer being able to decide how he wants to pay. We are very pleased to be the first provider of ultra-fast charging solutions to deploy these advanced payment and billing standards here," says Dr. Hendrik Schaede-Bodenschatz, Managing Director of Adaptive Balancing Power GmbH.

 Experienced consortium from German SMEs

The three companies stand for more than 70 years of development, engineering and technology know-how from Germany. CuroCon from Zwingenberg is a specialist for power electronics and communication between charging infrastructure and e-vehicles. The engineering service provider has extensive experience in high-tech automation of industrial plants and applications in the stationary, mobile and energy sectors. DAFÜR GmbH is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of SASE systems for distributed, mission and safety-critical infrastructures under NIS2/RCE, of transaction systems in payment transactions and cloud-based platforms for value-added services at the point of sale. Adaptive Balancing is a manufacturer of ultra-fast HPC technology up to 250KW for cars and up to 350KW for trucks. Other products include HPC chargers for public transport up to 300KW and pantographs up to 500KW.

"The cooperation between our three companies is also an important industrial and technology policy signal for Germany as a business location and for small and medium-sized enterprises in southern Hesse," says Michael Wißbach, CEO of CuroCon GmbH.



Press release Adaptive Balancing GmbH from 14.02.2023, Hoschke & Consorten.


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