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Almost routine at ElringKlinger Motortechnik GmbH: Following the RDE measurement of a VW Passat GTE and a BMW 225xe, the third full hybrid vehicle to follow was a Mercedes C350e.


Once again, CuroCon GmbH , which is increasingly replacing conventional vehicles in its fleet with full hybrid and pure electric vehicles, provided the test vehicle - a Mercedes C350e. ElringKlinger Motortechnik equipped the test vehicle with a mobile emission measurement system (PEMS) as well as a comprehensive range of additional sensors. The tried-and-tested CuroControl®Mx system was used for the central collection of all measurement data in real time. Identical measurement equipment and the same RDE measurement route ensure comparability with the results of other test vehicles.


The measurement results were processed after completion of the test drives and compared in the individual driving modes. As expected, the lowest distance consumption is achieved in E mode, followed by hybrid mode. SAVE mode already causes around 20% additional consumption. The CHARGE mode is significantly higher again in terms of consumption. As with the other two full hybrids, the VW Passat GTE and BMW 225xe, charging mode should therefore only be used in exceptional cases.

In terms of energy, starting with a full traction battery and intelligent use of the E and hybrid modes is clearly better: on short trips, driving purely electrically as far as possible, and on longer trips, using the electric drive when the load demand is low and the combustion engine when the load demand is higher, so that the battery capacity is fully utilized by the end of the trip. The operating strategy stored in the hybrid mode of the Mercedes C 350e comes quite close to meeting this requirement, resulting in the lowest CO2 emissions in this vehicle comparison. In contrast, NOx emissions in hybrid mode are highest in the Mercedes. This still leaves some room for optimization of future hybrid vehicles.

Download the complete case study: User report_EKM_MercedesC350e