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Last year, Springer Verlag, a publishing house rich in tradition, published an anthology with contributions on current developments in the commercial vehicle sector.

As an accompanying publication to the 6th CVT Symposium of the Commercial Vehicle Alliance Kaiserslautern, the anthology was published with current explosiveness and topicality regarding new ideas as well as future-oriented technologies in this field.

The target group for this collection of contributions includes mechanical and electrical engineers as well as computer scientists, both from industry and academia.

Among other things, energy and resource efficiency, innovative drives and electromobility will be addressed - areas in which CuroCon GmbH has been researching and developing together with its partners in publicly funded projects for years.

The contribution by engineers Michael Wißbach and Borwin Rothauge on the topic of "evTrailer - Autonomous Electric Drive System for Truck Trailers" can be read in black and white in the publication in the Commercial Vehicle Transport section.

The evTrailer project, which was realised under the consortium leadership of CuroCon GmbH, came to an end in 2020 - for the time being. Based on the software CuroControl®SRx an innovative control and regulation system for commercial vehicles was developed by CuroCon. By means of a self-sufficient electric drive of the trailer, the use with any tractor is possible, and even the self-sufficient manoeuvring of the evTrailer without a tractor has been implemented.

Wißbach and Rothauge show the advantages of the electric drive and thus point to a resource-saving future in which it will be more important than ever to conserve fossil raw materials and save emissions to protect the environment.

The book can be purchased online via the Springer Fachmedien GmbH website or as a bound edition in bookshops.

Print ISBN: 978-3-658-29716-9

Electronic ISBN: 978-3-658-29717-6


evTrailer – Autarkes elektrisches Antriebssystem für LKW Trailer | springerprofessional.de

evTrailer | Autarkes elektrisches Antriebskooperationssystem für LKW-Trailer und Fahrzeuganhänger

evTrailer | CuroCon

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