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In order not to leave the know-how of CuroCon GmbH unused not only in the technical field, but also in office management and administration and to ensure sufficient and appropriate qualified junior staff in the CuroCon family, CuroCon will train office communication clerks with immediate effect.

Our management assistant, Mrs. Carmen Bernzen, has now set the course for the future training of new specialists at CuroCon with her extremely successful completion of the trainer aptitude test.

The training of young people is an important instrument for preventing the growing shortage of skilled workers in the future and for qualifying junior staff in line with company requirements.

But before a company can provide training, it must prove that it employs a suitable trainer. The prerequisite for this is personal and professional suitability, which must be proven within the framework of the trainer aptitude test.

Ms. Bernzen acquired the necessary vocational and occupational pedagogical qualification for CuroCon GmbH in an in-service training course at the Darmstadt Chamber of Industry and Commerce lasting several months. The course covered the planning, preparation, implementation and completion of training. Among other things, the course covered the structures of the education system, the suitability of the training facility and a wide range of training methods, right through to the successful completion of the training. At the end there was a written and practical exam, which Ms. Bernzen passed as one of the five best participants of the course. Thus, CuroCon has really good prerequisites for successful training.