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The foundation Menschen für Menschen was founded by Karlheinz Böhm in 1981 after a trip to a refugee camp in Ethiopia. The foundation provides there "integrated rural development assistance", which is aimed at achieving lasting sustainable changes and implementing them together with the local population. Crucial and decisive for us is the principle of helping people to help themselves! In many rural regions in Ethiopia lacks a basic supply of the population with water and food. For example, wells are built and projects are launched that provide the population with demonstrate an ecological and sustainable approach to agriculture. Since poverty often results in a lack of education and knowledge, schools are built, health education is provided and women are supported. Please also inform yourself under: http://www.menschenfuermenschen.de/

The association Engineers Without Borders was founded in 2003 and supports projects in developing countries that require engineering knowledge and experience. In addition, training and research in the context of development aid are part of the statutes of this aid organization. Especially in developing countries there is often a lack of existential water supply. Thus, with the help of Engineers Without Borders, solar deep-water wells are built or rainwater harvesting systems are installed, which enable a modern tapping of water. Sustainable energy projects such as solar power or micro-biogas plants are also on the agenda of Engineers Without Borders. Above all, the self-sufficient supply of the population to meet basic needs - such as clean drinking water - is realized in a modern way using the latest technologies. You can also find more information at: http://www.ingenieure-ohne-grenzen.org/