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The 3D Simulation Workshop was offered in the context of the Automation Project Group at DUALIS GmbH IT Solution in Dresden.

Of course, CuroCon GmbH did not miss this highly interesting workshop. As a member of the Automation Working Group, Managing Director Bernhard Müller took the opportunity and drove to Dresden together with his project group to gain an insight into the "virtual factory" of DUALIS GmbH IT Solution. This company is a leading provider of software and services for 2D/3D simulation, process optimization and production planning.

Course of the workshop

First, the workshop participants were taught the advantages of 3D simulation. With the 3DCreate software, among other things, plants and their complex processes can be represented three-dimensionally and in real time. Production lines can be simulated in detail without much effort, which significantly supports the design process already in the early planning phase. By analyzing a virtually commissioned plant, the risk of errors in the early planning phase is minimized and a fast and efficient optimization of plant performance is possible.

See for yourself how detailed and comprehensible a 3D simulation can be: Workshop participants modeled simulations of various robot cells together. The result is fascinating. You can see the simulations they modeled themselves in the following images: