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SPS/IPC/DRIVES is an annual international trade fair for electrical automation technology. At the fair, integrated automation solutions are presented, including the areas of control technology, drive technology, IPCs, industrial communication, etc.

Die SPS/IPC/DRIVES ist eine ideale Plattform, um einen Dialog zwischen Forschung, Entwicklung und Anwendung voranzutreiben und neue Ideen zu gestalten.

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This year the team of CuroCon GmbH was represented at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES congress.

In terms of content, the focus was on the fact that, due to increased requirements and significantly shorter development and product life cycles, correspondingly flexible and time-saving solutions for modern development test benches as well as prototype test benches are sought.

For small and medium-sized plants in particular, the focus is essentially on plant flexibility and versatility of use.

These requirements are implemented with the help of an appropriately modular hardware and software concept for the optimized implementation of the testing system as well as for the long-term improvement of the plant benefit for the end user. Mr. Petersen's presentation offered ideas, suggestions and examples of how such projects can be realized quickly, flexibly and thus cost-effectively on the basis of industrial testing and automation technology.

Under the congress block 4 Simulation and Virtual Commissioning on Wednesday, November 25, 2009, the presentation "Increasing efficiency in the design and commissioning of test benches through the use of simulation" was given by Mr. M. Sc. Thomas Scheid.

In summary, the point was that simulations are being used more and more frequently for the design of electrical machines in order to be able to meet the increased requirements for performance and dynamics. By implementing the knowledge gained from these simulations, system efficiency can be increased and disproportionately high costs can be avoided.

Mr. Scheid explains the procedure using the example of a transmission test bench.

The second part of his presentation deals with the replication of a series test bench as a real-time simulation. The interface to the higher-level automation system is identical to that of the real test bench. This allows test routines to be tested and commissioned without the real test bench being available. Commissioning and downtimes of test systems are thus shortened.

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